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What is Proventus?

Proventus is an agri-business consultation company with a vision to help producers grow and improve their farms. Proventus deals with all issues relating to every aspect of the farm. From veterinary care to agribusiness management, we have the solution. Proventus offers unbiased advice and will answer your questions, and concerns, while helping you achieve your farm goals.  We can help with any inquiries and give farmers the choice of which experts they want to use.

Proventus is farmer owned. Our goal is to keep the farmer in control and allow them to take the lead on where the future of their farm goes. Learn More.

How do we help?

Proventus Group allows you to make one call to access a wide array of services, and assist with any of your farming inquiries, needs or problems. Our goal is to deal with your questions efficiently. Within 24 hours, you will have a response from a Proventus representative.

Our experts will work with your experts.

Our goal is to work together on farm. We will contact and work with your existing service providers to find the best solutions for your farm.

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