Proventus is an agri-business consultancy company that works with Canadian dairy and beef producers to help improve and grow our ever-changing agriculture industry. With Proventus’ wide range of services, we work together with farmers current providers in order to find solutions on-farm as a team.

With our collaborative approach, Proventus assists in co-ordinating your present farm advisers with our unbiased team in order to plan, monitor and achieve your goals and solve issues on-farm.


In our rapidly changing world, farmers have the additional stress of dealing with regulatory requirements, changes in consumer buying behavior, market sensitivity, land efficiency, political and economic uncertainties, and tighter margins. With farm demographics now changing, labor & HR becoming more difficult to find and deal with in an efficient and professional manner, the need for Proventus is more important than ever.

Proventus was born out of the need for farmers to have access to professional, unbiased advice. We are a company that can work together with each farmer’s current team of workers, advisers, and service providers in order to come up with solutions to our industry’s questions and problems including business management issues and animal health concerns.


Proventus is Unique: Our team will work with you and your team to solve your on-farm issues.

Farmer Owned

Why Choose Farmer Owned?

For farmers to have ownership in an agriculture-based consultancy company, it ensures that Proventus will always stay farmer focused and all decision making will be done for the benefit of Canadian producers. Proventus will do this to provide farmers with the best advice, and best solutions for their farm.


24 Hour Producer Assistance:

Proventus offers a one call solution: Our goal is to have a response time of 24 hours. From the moment a farmer calls us, to the time where an expert advisor is contacting them for a free consultation, Proventus will do so within 24 hours to ensure each concern is dealt with quickly, and efficiently.


Why Collaborate with Us?

Proventus has a main focus of being collaborative, which allows producers to benefit from having convenient access to industry-leading specialists in all aspects of their operation. At Proventus, our intention is to work together with current service providers to provide the total solution for each producer.


Why Choose Unbiased Consulting?

For Proventus to have your best interest in mind, we must be unbiased. Proventus will not try to sell Canadian farmers on commercial products or services. We will recommend various options to farmers, and work with service experts of your preference in order to come up with best solution for your farm.


For more information, email us at info@proventusgroup.com or call now to access a wide variety of service experts that will work alongside you, and your service providers to find solutions to the many needs of your farm.