Sharing in the Pain2021-10-06T12:28:56-07:00

Sharing in the Pain


Cash flow projections

We will help you determine your current and future free cash flow needs. Cash flow planning will prepare you for future bank meetings and lending, identify the risks and optimize financing opportunities now and in the future.  This will help you strengthen your relationship with your financial provider.

Risk Management & Grant Access

Given the current industry conditions, and the unknown future variables, identification of high-risk areas becomes a main priority in the future success of your agribusiness. We will work with you to assess your current and future risks. We will also assist you in accessing Government programs such as AgriRecovery and AgriStability.

Farm Builder

Proventus offers a comprehensive farm analysis to help you achieve a profitable and sustainable farm future. Starting with your base budget, let us help you build your business by identifying challenges and revisiting plans annually.

Milk More with Less

Proventus will assess farm data to provide a comprehensive plan that will assist in improving milk production and milk components in your herd. This will aid in farm sustainability and stability by maximizing efficiency of your milking herd.