Proventus Group allows you to make one call to access any of our industry-leading professionals. We provide unbiased advice and practical solutions for all of your agri-business needs, all while working alongside your current service providers.

From solving animal health issues, to building short and long term business plans, setting targets, through to monitoring your progress- Proventus’ scope of services is limitless. Whether you’re looking for animal health services, business management consultations, or anything in between, Proventus can help.

Farm Management

⋅Farm business health check

⋅Data/records analysis

⋅proAction corrective action planning

⋅IT planning and support

⋅Software assessments

⋅Herd benchmarking

Barn Design

⋅Cow comfort

⋅Lameness assessments

⋅Barn design audits & evaluations

⋅Barn planning

⋅Barn ventilation consulting

⋅Barn cooling consulting

Employee Services

⋅Human Resources support

⋅Farm worker benefits packages

⋅Farm labour recruitment services

⋅Farm staff training

⋅Software assessments

⋅Herd benchmarking

Herd Health

⋅Herd health management

⋅Herd health performance audit

⋅Vaccination program development


⋅Cow/heifer/calf health management

⋅Herd benchmarking

Financial Management

⋅Cash flow projections

⋅Quarterly financial updates and reports

⋅Monthly financial dashboards

⋅Annual financial statements

⋅Financial benchmarking

⋅Business plans for farm growth

Production & Nutrition

⋅Production evaluation

⋅Advice for increasing production 

⋅Udder health evaluation / milk lab

⋅Parlour evaluation

⋅Treatment standard operating procedures

⋅Nutrition evaluation

Succession Planning

⋅Succession & retirement planning

⋅Communication & contingency plans

⋅Tax strategies & estate planning

⋅Fair VS. equal will planning / Ownership transfer plans

Calf Management

⋅Calf barn planning

⋅Ventilation & cooling consulting

⋅Protocols & standard operating procedures for animal health & welfare

⋅Calf health assessments

Growth Management

⋅Assistance and Planning for farm purchases and sales 

⋅Farm expansion planning

⋅Bio security evaluation

⋅Cow signals advisor

Along with all our services, Proventus also offers workshops for producer meetings! If you’re interested in securing a workshop, contact Kim Ranger.

Is the service you’re looking for not on our list? Our goal is to help you succeed. Contact us today with your inquiries and Proventus will work with you to find your solution.

Our intention is to collaborate on farm. We will contact your existing service providers to find the best solutions for your farm.

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